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Our small business was trapped in a lawsuit that was overwhelming, complicated, and seemingly stagnant. Our business was our life and our family livelihood. Our first set of attorneys were not very attentive and never had any sense of urgency. But when we met with Mike Salvi to discuss switching to Salvi, Salvi & Wifler, his enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air. Mike and his team, Christos, Samantha, Kimberly, Kathy and Ann, were professional, thorough, and passionate about our case. No one wants to be in our position, but if you are, you need people who will fight for you like they'd fight for their own. That's what we got. We were more than pleased with our team and are forever grateful! If you truly want to feel like you are not just a case number, I highly recommend this firm!

– Megan

I have used the Salvi, Salvi & Wifler law firm for over 20 years and for a variety of legal needs. I feel they have a wide range of knowledge and provide very friendly service. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

– Dan

My wife and I decided we needed to wrap up our estate planning and our financial advisor recommended Denise Russo to assist us. When we met with Denise she explained the advantages of a revocable joint living trust and compared this instrument to a traditional will. After careful consideration we decided to have Denise prepare the documents for the trust. In addition to the trust documents, she prepared health care directives and power of attorney documents. Lastly, she prepared and submitted for us the paperwork for transferring the title of our home to the trust. My wife and I found Denise conscientious and very easy to work with.

– Jim

Michael and his team were very professional and dedicated to my case. I would highly recommend Salvi, Salvi & Wifler to anyone needing legal representation.

– Kris

Peter helped me with my divorce. It was a very hard time for me, but Peter was very good at dealing with everything. He was compassionate, but also knew when to push me to protect myself. He is incredibly good at what he does. He was recommended to me by another client of his who also had a great experience. I'm blown away by his tact, smarts, and decency. He will push for what's right and fair and he will get it... and then some. Divorce is so hard, but Peter really made it less painful. I felt protected and walked away better than I ever expected. I can't thank him enough. I HIGHLY recommend him.

– Anne, ★★★★★ Review

Mike Salvi is an excellent attorney and an even better man. I received a settlement of $100,000 MORE than I (or any other attorney I talked to) expected. He is highly knowledgable in the legal field and is tough as nails while fighting for his clients. More importantly, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism as he communicated to me as a person and not merely a client.

– Andrew, ★★★★★ Review

I used Peter as my divorce attorney and couldn't have been happier with his service. Being new to the divorce process, he took the time to explain each part of the process to be and was very timely in his responses. I'd definitely recommend Peter as an attorney to use!

– Lisa, ★★★★★ Review

I hired Mr. Wifler for my divorce. I consulted him first, he spent time with me and answered all my questions. I hired him shortly after that with the standard retainer. He came highly recommended from several people in Lake Zurich. From start to finish, my divorce was 10 months. He explained all aspects of the process, was very thorough with his interaction with me and the opposing attorney. There was also a paralegal assigned to my case that I could speak to if I needed something when Peter was not available. I am very pleased with the representation I received from Mr. Wifler.

– Leann, ★★★★★ Review

I broke my wrist and ankle in a car accident. I had one lawyer tell me the case was worth $250, 000. Mike got me $1 million.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

The best decision I ever made, when dealing with my divorce, was hiring Peter. My divorce was very difficult. And I couldn't have gotten through it without him. He is extremely knowledgable and very experienced. He knows the other attorneys in the area and he knows the judges. This is very important when making decisions related to things like mediators and Guardian ad Litems. He made significant strategic decisions that were crucial in my case. You don't normally get everything you want when going through a divorce, but I got most of what I wanted, and he fought for the things that mattered most to me. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my divorce.

Peter is clearly a very good attorney. But more importantly, he is a very good person. I always felt better after I talked to him. He calmed me down and helped me get through an ext[r]emely difficult time in my life. I can't thank him enough for everything he did for me.

– Ranee, ★★★★★ Review

I was very happy overall with how things went with my case. Peter patiently explained the process and the paperwork as we worked through the issues. He worked well with difficult opposing counsel. He responded promptly to my phone calls and emails. He helped me understand the law and what outcomes I could realistically expect. I felt like I was in good hands.

– Susan, ★★★★★ Review