Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Key litigation concerns for landlords often include:

  • Evicting delinquent tenants
  • Collecting past due rent
  • Pursuing recovery for damaged property (forfeiture of security deposit, etc.)
  • Defending against tenant claims.

Both Illinois and federal statutes relating to housing and evictions laws are often quite technical. Landlords need to closely follow court procedures and protocol before regaining possession of their property and/or obtaining money judgments against a defaulting tenant.

At SSW, we understand that with eviction cases, time is of the essence, and we strive to assist landlords in securing a quick and satisfactory result. SSW attorneys assist commercial and residential landlords in negotiating settlements that result in recovering possession of property from cooperating tenants, or to forcibly evict a tenant through the court system. Time is of the essence in eviction cases, so the sooner action is taken and we are retained, the sooner the process begins.

One of the best ways to avoid landlord-tenant related conflict is to have a well-drafted lease that thoroughly addresses all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship to minimize risks associated with defaulting tenants. It is generally beneficial for landlords and tenants to have an attorney review or draft a lease that complies with Illinois and federal laws, while at the same time furthering their own interests.

Our attorneys are well-versed in commercial and residential housing laws and familiar with lease terms and conditions which protect the parties and enable us to negotiate beneficial terms for our clients. Please contact us if you have any lease questions or seek assistance in drafting or reviewing a commercial or residential lease.